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Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Return policy of online shop (hereinafter referred to as” SHOP”)

For best use of the SHOP, please read the Return Policy carefully. Using (visiting or purchasing products) of this SHOP implies the acceptance of this Return Policy. Accessing the SHOP and using its functionality implies the explicit or implicit acceptance of all published provisions in Return Policy by the users (hereinafter referred to as” USERS”, “VISITORS”, “You”), with full contractual value.

Details of the SHOP merchant:
Hereinafter, MERCHANT is referred to “We”, “Us”, Our”.
Details of the Brand Trenwood owner:
DICTON-AS SRL (hereinafter,BRAND)
Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, str. Hincesti 61, of. 206
Tax ID: 1005600060316
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +373 69707011

Details of the SHOP warehouse (hereinafter,WAREHOUSE)

Herein, the WAREHOUSE is the place where the goods are stored, before being shipped to the SHOP customers.  The WAREHOUSE address is required to be used by the SHOP users for return purpose.
Herein, MERCHANT represents the entity, authorised to carry out online sales activities on the SHOP. Upon acquisition agreement with the Brand, the MERCHANT has the full ownership rights over the Brand goods displayed on the SHOP. It also has the full ownership rights to operate with the SHOP, including:

  • Selling the goods displayed on the SHOP to customers which has expressed their consent with the SHOP Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy and other policies and documents displayed on the SHOP
  • Receiving the payments on its Bank accountsfrom the SHOP customers, using the services of Payments service provider(s), by the payment methods displayed on the SHOP (at checkout), based on direct agreement signed Payments service provider(s)
  • Shipping ordered by the SHOP customers goods, using the services of Shipping services provider(s), by delivery methods displayed on the SHOP (at checkout), based on direct agreement signed with Shipping services provider(s)
  • Perform any modification of the SHOP (i.e. content, functionality, design), as long as these changes fully comply with agreement signed with the BRAND and other existent standards agreed between the parties (i.e. brand official Brandbook and Corporate identity, BRAND general marketing strategy, etc.)
  • Collect and process the data from SHOP users, necessary for orders delivery, account creation and other activities. Please, read the section Personal Data Security below for more information.
  • To make advertising campaigns and other marketing and communication activities, with the objective to promote the SHOP and the products displayed on it, as long as these activities fully comply with the agreements and standards, existent between MERCHANT and BRAND.
  • Undertake other actions/ activities related to the SHOP, in order to reach its objectives, which, however, should fully comply with existent agreements with the Brand.

Herein, the BRAND is the company that is the registrant of global trademark Trenwood. The BRAND owns the intellectual property rights to the brand/ trademark, and everything connected to it (the Brand name, domain name, the Brand corporate identity, the Brand general marketing strategy, etc.). Within the framework of the SHOP, the BRAND represents the MERCHANT’s supplier of the goods displayed on the SHOP.  


Brand Trenwood is the high quality leather accessories manufacturer, which produces leather handmade accessories - from a wide variety of accessories, including bags, belts, footwear and other accessories. The materials used by the manufacturer meet international standards and comply with the highest requirements, defined by the Fashion industry.


The return procedure for products is subject to the legislation in force. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you may return unused articles within 14 days of receipt (own expense). In order to return the order and obtain refund for payed goods from the order, you have to send the return to the WAREHOUSE’s address (disclosed on the first page of this policy).
To return a product, it must be in the same state as it was delivered to you: the labels have to be attached to the products, have no signs of wearing. Any return that does not meet these conditions will be declined.
If the product you received does not look the same as the one ordered on the SHOP, we will refund the money at no additional cost to you. However, You will need to prove that the product you received does not look the same as the one ordered on the SHOP, by filling the Return form in Your Client Area and by uploading in process of filling Return form of one image, that proves that the product you received does not look the same as the one ordered on the SHOP.
If the product you ordered has manufacturing defects, you can ask for it to be refunded by filling return form in Client Area, by phone or e-mail. The product can only be returned if it is in perfect condition (including packaging and invoice) and shows no signs of wear. The return package must contain the product in its original state, label and invoice.
Any return request received will be reviewed and resolved in accordance with applicable legal requirements, depending on the typology of the products subject to it.
We do not accept products that show signs of wear or consumption, customized products according to the customer's requirements, products that show physical changes, strokes, scratches, scratches, shocks, products without original packaging or damaged packaging. In order to comply with the return deadline, it is sufficient to send the notice on the exercise of the right of return before the expiry of the return period.
If the return request is confirmed by us, we will refund the amount of the products that are the subject of the return request we received from you, except delivery costs no later than 14 calendar days from the date we receive back the goods. We will perform this refund using the payment method chosen by You from those listed in Return form in Your Client area or by the same payment method, used by You to pay for the order, in case this payment method is available to us and accepted by our Payment Service Provider.
The costs of returning the product (s) covered by the return request will be entirely borne by you, except the cases when it will be proven by You that the products do not look the same as the ones ordered on the SHOP or have manufacturing defects.


Once placed, the order cannot be changed. However, You have the right to cancel it. Remember, that in any minute after the order was placed, it might be already in process of shipping. Reason why, if You decided to cancel it, please contact our Support service by contacts displayed on our Contacts page or within this policy, as soon as possible.


We reserve the right not to inform users about changes to this regulation. Users can visit the SHOP at any time and read the up-to-date version of this regulation

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau city, Hincesti 61, office 206

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